Online Blackjack Guide - What You Should Know

The game of blackjack is fun to play, and it is one of the popular table games in the industry. If you are just getting started with online blackjack, then you need to learn the rules before playing for real money. This guide will discuss the basics of blackjack, and you can also check out canada-online-casino for more.

How is Blackjack Game Played?

Blackjack game come with simple rules, so you will find it easy to understand. Most importantly, players should note that the winning in the game is based on skills, strategies and techniques. The goals of the game are to get a hand close to Twenty-One without going over it. Examples of blackjack variants include:

  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack

To start the game, you need to set your wager, then you'll be dealt your first two cards - both cards facing down. Also, the dealer will receive two cards - one face-up, one face-down. Then you can decide to hit or stand. After the game, if you have a hand higher than the dealer's hand, you win.

Online Blackjack Terminologies

When playing blackjack game, you will hear some terminologies that are used in the game. So you need to learn them before you start playing. One of these is HIT, which is used when you need another card from the dealer. Another one is the STAND, which is used when you don't want another card.

Another term used when playing blackjack game is Double Down, which is used when you wish to double your initial bet. Also, you will also hear Split, and this is used to divide your hand into to separate hand. Each of the hand can receive new cards. Also, when you split, you will need to double your bet.

Blackjack Card Values

Another thing you should learn if you want to start playing blackjack game is the card value. How is it calculated? Quite simple! All the face cards (J, K, and Q) and ten will be valued as 10 while other cards except the Aces will be worth their face value. For instance, card 2 worth 2 points.

The Ace card can be calculated as either one or eleven. Additionally, the ace is also used to differentiate a soft hand from a hard hand. A soft hand is a hand that includes an ace. A hard hand does not have an ace or when it does, it can only be counted as 1.

  • Example of soft hand: A and 2 - Soft 13
  • A and 6 - Soft 17
  • A and 4 - Soft 15
  • Examples of hard hand: 10 and 7, 10 and A

Online Blackjack Strategies

As mentioned, blackjack is a game of skills. So with the right strategies, you can reduce the house edge to 0.5%, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Among the strategies are the basic blackjack strategy, which you can use to learn every possible hand combos in the game. Additionally, players can also apply the card counting strategy.

You can also make use of several betting strategies when playing blackjack game. One of these betting strategies is the Martingale strategy. The strategy requires you to increase your bet by 2x for every loss until you land a win. Additionally, you can also use thee Anti-Martingale strategy - double your bet for every win. Others include:

  • James Bond Strategy
  • D'Alembert
  • Fibonacci

How to Choose the Best Casino to Play Online Blackjack?

If you want to enjoy the best blackjack gambling experience, then you need to choose a reputable casino site. When choosing your blackjack gambling site, some things need to be checked. First, ensure that the casino site is regulated and registered under the right licensing authorities. Additionally, only choose online casinos that partners with top software providers.

Additionally, if you enjoy mobile gambling, then you should check if the casino site is compatible with all mobile operating systems before you register with them. With this, you can enjoy your preferred blackjack variant on the go. Additionally, ensure the gambling site feature safe payment options that you can use to transact at the site.